Robert and Kory Skrob are running the Boston Marathon to support Cops for Kids with Cancer. Please join us. 

Imagine for a moment having a child diagnosed with cancer. Within moments you can feel the fear, horror and guilt for what you should provide for your child flowing over you. While that’s terrifying enough, it’s even worse when the financial reality sets in. There are treatments and medicines to buy, some of which aren’t covered by even the best health insurance programs. Add to that for most families with a pediatric cancer patient, lost work, travel and lodging expenses to get their child to the hospital for treatment. This is why Cops for Kids with Cancer was founded. 

Cops for Kids with Cancer was founded by police offers to raise money for contributions to families with a child undergoing cancer treatment. Cops for Kids with Cancer is volunteer run and operated by current and retired police officers. More than 90 percent of your contributions go directly to families to help cover treatment and living expenses from pediatric cancer. 

Kory and I are matching contributions up to $5,000.00 to double the impact of all contributions to this great cause. A cause created by police officers volunteering to give back to the community by supporting families with children undergoing cancer treatment. 

I’m inviting you to join my team for the Boston Marathon. It’s like you are coming along with me and you don’t even have to run!

Here are a few recent examples of the contributions Cops for Kids with Cancer has made to families battling pediatric cancer. 

On February 10, 2016, Cops For Kids With Cancer went to the Everett Police Department and made a $5,000.00 to the family of Doreen Milien, a 2 year old girl from Everett who has Adrenal Neuroblastoma. In Photo Left to right, Bob Faherty, Mother Marie, Doreen, and Chief Steven Mazzie

On February 16, 2016, Cops For Kids With Cancer went to the Nahant Police Department and made a donation to the family of Mila Martineau, a 19 month old girl from Nahant, who has Embromal Rhabdomyosarcom Cancer. In photo left to right, Lieut. Paul Manley, Bob Faherty, Father Mark, Sister Presley, Sister Ava, Mila, Town Administrator Jeff Chelgren, Bob Guiney, Bd. Dir. CFKWC, Chief Robert Dwyer