Minimal Churn Membership
How to Create Membership Programs that
Stops Members From Quitting and
Creates Long-Term Stable Monthly Revenue

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This LiveCast will be held
Thursday, August 25, 2016
3:00 pm Eastern
2:00 pm Central
1:00 pm Mountain
12:00 pm Pacific

If you are running a membership program and you’ve had someone quit already this month, register now for my Minimal Churn Membership LiveCast.

I am revealing for the first time my
Minimal Churn Membership systems, including:

  • The most effective ways to position, package, and sell membership programs that weed out the droppers and bring in only the best members to begin with
  • How to structure your program for maximum signups, engagement, and revenue
  • The best continuity billing cycle to make things easy for your team and to achieve the lowest churn rate, either moving everyone to the first of the month or billing on the monthly anniversary of an individual member’s signup
  • When you should be selling an up-front product to sign up new members with forced continuity to recover marketing expenses for fastest growth
  • The best pricing models for Minimal Churn Membership program