Reinvigorate Your Most Important Member Retention Systems and Prepare to Double or Triple Your Membership in 2016

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“After I made the changes Robert suggested, my new member sales conversion rate doubled! In addition, in the months since, my member retention rate has doubled as well. With Robert’s help I’ve completely transformed the growth rate of my business.”

Jim Augustus Armstrong, Flooring Success Systems


Transform your membership program into a membership magnet that naturally attracts, recruits, ascends and retains new members!

Members dropping out of monthly subscription programs, continuity programs or memberships has reached epidemic proportions. In fact, the average retention rate has gotten so bad that keeping just 50 percent of your new customers for three to four months is, by many, considered good. While it may be better than the average, it’s far from an acceptable way to try to build a business.
The fact is there’s a missing piece, not included in any of the books, that makes these programs work. Enroll in this LiveCast Workshop series to discover the easy ways you can transform your program into a member retention machine. (Get additional value from this webinar by inviting members of your team to participate and learn how to retain members as well.)
Prepare to double or triple your membership in 2016 by enrolling in a series of 2-hour live online workshops hosted by Robert Skrob. Robert designed this workshop series for marketers with existing membership programs. You and members of your team are invited to participate in each workshop. Each workshop will feature 90 minutes of member growth insights through interactive training, plus a question and answer period to ensure you and members of your team have the opportunity to customize the LiveCast Workshop to meet your needs.
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Before Wednesday November 25th

LiveCast Workshop # 1: 
The Best Membership Models

November 25, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific
Are you using the best membership model for your program? When should you use a free trial membership to attract a flood of new members versus paid membership to ensure higher member quality? What’s more effective, fixed term or unlimited monthly?
I’ll cover the various membership structures and when to use each one, including:
  • The most effective ways to position, package and sell membership programs that weed out the droppers and bring in only the best members to begin with
  • How to structure your program for maximum sign-ups, engagement and revenue
  • Best continuity billing cycle, move everyone to the first of the month or bill on monthly anniversary of individual member’s sign-up
  • When you should be selling an up-front product to sign up new members with forced continuity
  • Pricing models for membership programs

LiveCast Workshop # 2:
Member Welcome Kit Secrets

December 9, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific

What happens after your customer buys your product makes the difference between member retention and a dropped member. I’ve had clients that have shipped their products together with cookies, coffee cups, hats, T-shirts and even boxes that proclaim, “You’ve got to think outside the box” in vain attempts to “wow” new members. Want to discover what members really want? Register for this webinar today.
I’ll cover everything you should include in your member welcome, including:
  • Why delivering a lot of content is exactly the worst possible thing you can do when a new member joins your program
  • The single most important thing you must include in your member welcome that’ll make the difference between engagement and a dropped member
  • Examples of excellent member welcome kits that reduced member cancellations and boosted retention
  • How to incorporate up-sells in your welcome to maximize lifetime member value
  • The three essential steps to member welcome sequences and why few membership marketers do any of them, causing many new members to think they don’t care about them

LiveCast Workshop # 3:
Monthly Fulfillment Magic

December 23, 2015, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern/11:00 a.m. Pacific
Do you have the benefit your members want so much that they’d never quit your membership program? Have you become overwhelmed by the ongoing need to come up with something new to “wow” your members each month? Have you figured out a combination of benefits that they can’t live without? If not, this LiveCast Workshop is for you:
I’ll reveal how to keep members entertained and excited to receive your monthly benefits while making your life a lot easier:
  • What’s best to provide, newsletters/video trainings or call-in days for answering questions? Where to use each benefit within your pricing tiers
  • The best “Golden Handcuff” benefits that make retaining your membership program a “no brainer”
  • The architecture of monthly print newsletters for maximum retention
  • The top 2 reasons people drop out of member programs and how to retain members without having to keep producing new content
  • Project/time management to streamline monthly delivery and make your membership program easy to fulfill rather than a monthly chore
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Hurry, Limited To The First 20 People

I’m limiting participation in these LiveCast Workshops to 20 people to allow these programs to be interactive. You and your team members are invited to submit materials for review both before and after each LiveCast Workshop.  Submit materials before the workshop for my personal recommendations.
Plus, after the workshop, you are invited to submit your materials again for a review after you’ve made the revisions based on what you learned in the LiveCast workshop as well as my personal input.  If you have any interest in boosting your membership in 2016, register immediately or risk getting left out of this membership transformation opportunity.

Get the Benefit of Twenty Years of Proven Member Program Growth to Double or Triple Your Membership within 2016

About Robert:
Robert’s entire career has focused on building thriving programs. Today Robert serves as the go-to expert for companies seeking to create a growing membership program or to attract new members to their existing membership program while improving member retention.
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Before Wednesday November 25th

"During the time we spent together we created $2-3 million dollars in revenue. If you have any intentions of increasing your membership retention, Robert is the guy."

  Ron LeGrand, Global Publishing